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We pride ourselves on the amazing community that continues to make a difference in the lives of our firefighters, family members, and retirees. It is because of that we find it important to share with you just how big of an impact every donation makes in the lives of those we trust every day. 

If you or a family member has been assisted by the Denver Firefighters Charitable Foundation, we encourage you to share your story with us! All testimonials are posted anonymously and encourage others to continue their fight.

Active Member,

A family never expects to be the one to reach out for help in a time of need. Unfortunately, November 2017 we became that family. My nephew was hospitalized for 29 days after an emergency surgery on his bowels. He is seven years old, he has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a disease he was born with that requires extensive care from his father. His father works in construction and does not have a sick or vacation bank to supply wages. He cares for two young boys; weekly paychecks are a priority for their survival. It was the Denver Firefighters Charitable Foundation that became the hero for our family. Their help made it possible for my brother to be at the hospital every day, keep bills satisfied, put food on the table and have a piece of mind to focus on his son. Our family is beyond grateful for the Denver Firefighter Charitable Foundation and all its contributors. Thank you for giving our family the chance to feel supported.

Active Member,

September 29, 2016 was a typical Kelly day at home with my kids (2 ½ year girl and 5 month old boy) when I was sitting at my desk and all of sudden fell to the ground. I started having unexplained back spasms to the point of not being able to walk. The pain was so excruciating I went to Swedish hospital where they sent me home with pain meds saying it was probably just muscular. After 3 more trips to the ER I was finally admitted to Swedish where X-Ray’s, MRI’s and other tests were done only to be sent home with pain meds and walker. After 3 months of unbearable pain, not being able to pick up my kids, go to work or enjoy any of my hobbies, I scheduled a 3 rd MRI two days after Christmas. This MRI discovered an infection in my L4/L5 spine and was told to go immediately to the hospital. I spent the next 5 days at St. Joseph’s hospital where they began treatment of the infection through IV antibiotics. I came home with a Pic Line for 10 weeks and with very limited mobility.

This whole process put a huge strain on my family mentally, physically and financially. Before the diagnosis, I tried everything to manage the pain. I went to acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, pretty much anything people would recommend for lower back pain. We had to pay for extra day care because I was unable to take care of my kids while my wife worked a full time job. The Better Halves Facebook became a great support for my wife. In the meantime, a longtime friend also on DFD called me up and told me about the [Charitable Foundation]. I was hesitant at first; I did not want to ask for help in that way. The assistance of the [Charitable Foundation] helped pay off outstanding medical bills as well as pain management not covered by our insurance. My family and I have been so grateful for their support and are beyond thankful. It means a lot to be part of the DFD family.

Active Member,

On February 25, 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer.  A tumor was found in my right front temporal lobe, and after a craniotomy was performed and the tumor removed (to the extent that it could be) the pathology showed it to be a rare form of brain cancer.  I soon thereafter began aggressive treatments to try and kill the cancer.  I went through 6.5 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy 5 days a week.  Following radiation I was given a month for rest and recovery, then I started chemotherapy.  What was supposed to be a 6 month course of chemotherapy and MRI's eventually turned into 15 months.  Fortunately, I made it through this long process and am now cancer free!

During the course of my treatments the bills began to pile up rather quickly.  Between co-pays, medications, and travel expenses I was spending quite a bit of money even with good health care coverage.  The [Foundation] and its members were very quick to offer assistance in any way they could.  After compiling a list of my co-pays they issued me a check without question or hesitation.  This check was a huge help!  As one might imagine, I was dealing with many things, and not having to worry about anything financially was a great boost both financially and emotionally!

 The [Foundation] really helped me out and couldn't have made it any easier!  Fighting cancer was made much more tolerable through the kindness and generosity shown to me be the [Foundation]!  I can't thank them enough!


Over four years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis was one that set our family (my wife, myself, and our two young boys) on our heels.  She has gone through chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and eleven surgeries.  We felt that the best option we had to get the treatment my wife needed to save her life was to seek out treatment outside the network of the insurance provider.  Doing so mounted up an exorbitant amount of medical expenses.  The [Denver Firefighters Charitable Foundation] provided financial assistance that made it possible to work through the financial stress our family endured.  At no time did we ever think that we would be in a position to reach out for any assistance, but that was exactly where we found ourselves.  We will always be extremely thankful for the organization and the members that contribute to the [Charitable Foundation]. 

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